Committed to the health of pets, families and the planet.
PetLife Organic, Inc. was founded by and for people who care about their pets. Our philosophy is simple -we provide organic, effective solutions that protect your family and keep your pets healthy, happy and comfortable, without charging extra for the “bio-friendly” label.
The Health of your Pet is our Top Priority First and foremost, we’re here to help you provide the highest quality of care for your pets. If you’ve been searching for a natural solution that effectively and aggresively controls fleas and ticks, without harming your pets or your family, you’ve found it with PetLife Organic.

Healthy Environment = Healthy People & Animals

A healthy environment is key to healthy people and animals. That’s why, in addition to producing all-natural flea and tick control formulas, all of our packaging is designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind. Our eco-friendly aluminum bottles can be reused or recycled, without any worry about toxic contamination.

Priceless Peace of Mind

Discover our EcoShield and EcoWash product lines, available online and at pet supply stores across the country. Your pets will look and feel their best, and you’ll enjoy priceless peace of mind. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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